Thousands of ICD-10 Changes Coming October 1

Get Ready for 2020 ICD-10

The 2020 ICD-10 code changes will become effective October 1, 2019.  The newest implementation contains thousands of important changes and providers have less than one month to prepare.  Identifying the new, revised and deleted codes, updating coding systems and educating providers and coders is critical for financial and compliance success.

The 2020 ICD-10 Diagnosis code set includes:

  • 273 new codes
  • 21 deleted codes
  • 30 revised codes

The most significant additions impact the following sections:

  • Circulatory diseases and disorders
  • Skin diseases and disorders
  • Congenital disorders
  • Injuries and poisonings
  • External causes of morbidity

Some of the most important changes, which will impact hospital providers financially, are changes to the diagnosis severity classifications

  • 183 new complications or comorbidities (CC’s)
  • 1,149 conditions removed from the CC list
  • 136 major complications or comorbidities (MCC’s) downgraded to CC’s

There are also changes to the POA exempt code list.

The 2020 ICD-10 Procedure code set includes:

  • 734 new codes
  • 2,056 deleted codes
  • 2 revised

A substantial portion of the new procedure codes are comprised of the following procedures:

  • Bypass
  • Transfusions
  • Skin grafting

We recommend reviewing the changes, in their entirety, with your IT, clinical and coding staff to ensure a smooth transition. 

The 2020 ICD-10 data files can be located at: and

HBE has expertise in ICD-10 coding.  We are available to assist your organization with the necessary training for staff as well as providing assistance to you with preparedness evaluations and testing.

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