We offer a variety of services to fit your organizational needs.

Compliance Partner Services

HBE will serve as your recognized compliance partner, functioning as an extension of your compliance department.

We provide a specified range of routine compliance services to augment your current staff including:

Audit and Investigative Services

Our team of subject matter experts has over 40 years of compliance experience. We have played an integral role in some of the nation’s largest healthcare fraud and abuse cases which allows us to bring unique insights to every project.

We regularly perform audits and investigations in a variety of settings including:

Our audit services include:

Independent Review Organization (IRO) Services

We understand the selection of an IRO is a critical decision for any organization. You need an IRO you can trust to be timely, thoughtful, thorough, objective, knowledgeable and above all, accurate. As an IRO, we have never been removed or had a report rejected by the government. We understand the stress as well as the financial and operational burden of maintaining a corporate integrity agreement. We work closely with each of our clients to provide efficient and cost-effective IRO services that not only satisfy the government’s requirements but provide valuable findings to improve the client’s operational, compliance and financial performance.

Our IRO services include:

On-Demand Web Based Training

Our team is uniquely qualified with the expertise to provide superior physician education on the topics that matter most.

Our on-demand web-based training is designed to provide physicians with crucial knowledge of documentation, coding, reimbursement and compliance.

We have carefully designed these materials to address the most common questions and concerns we receive from practicing physicians.

Each module provides relevant information for both experienced and new physicians to improve your practice performance and reduce risk.

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