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Strategic Partners

We are proud to have strategic physician, legal, and statistical partners in order to provide a full menu of expert services at the best value to our clients.

Gregory Palega, MD, JD

The services that MedNessity provides include the following:

  • Physician and Case Manager Education
  • Medical Necessity Reviews
  • Independent Review Organization Services
  • Medicare Audit Response and Prevention
  • MD Expert Witness Testimony
  • Appeal Management


Quest Advisory Group, LLC

Sharon Parsley, J.D., M.B.A., CHC, CHRC
(954) 809-4358

Select services that Quest offers include:

  • Interim Compliance Leadership Resource Solutions
  • Compliance Program Effectiveness Reviews
  • Development and Deployment of Effective Training for Boards, Board Committees, In-House Investigators, and Personnel
  • Work Plan Development
  • Development of Compliance Program Effectiveness and Efficiency Metrics
  • Audit Lifecycle Support
  • Physician Contracting Process Reviews
  • Mentorship and Coaching of New and Emerging Compliance Leaders
  • Service as a Board Engaged Compliance Expert


Richard E. Remington, MS
(208) 426-0113

Select services include:

  • Statistical sample design and review
  • Extrapolations

Ann M. Purdy, Chief Development Officer
(205) 314-8859

The services that Ediphy Advisors provides include the following:

  • Physician Advisor Services: Patient Status and Medical Necessity Determinations
  • Nurse Reviews: 1st Level Utilization Management Screenings
  • Case Management Review and Process Guidance
  • Independent Review Organization (IRO) Services
  • Appeals: Quality Improvement Organizations, Recovery Auditors, MACs and other Regulatory Audits
  • Legal and Defense Work in Response to Audits and Denials


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