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About Us

At HBE we have a passion for ensuring that our clients get the best possible results from all the work we do.

To make that happen, every member of our team works hard to stay up to date on the very latest in coding and compliance regulations in order to help you make the important decisions that make or break your organization’s success.

When you work with HBE, our promise to you is this:

We value your time and resources.

We put forth maximum effort to ensure that our work meets your organization’s needs and exceeds your expectations.

We promise that we have the subject matter experience to handle any project we accept.

We have built our reputation on the superior quality of our work, our responsiveness, and treating every client with the highest level of respect and appreciation.

We regularly handle both small projects as well as large, multi-year contracts. Regardless of project size, we will work hard to remain your trusted partner in ensuring your organization’s compliance.

We always work to both reduce risk and also identify areas of opportunity and best practices to help you better fulfill your organizational mission.

We pride ourselves on developing efficient, affordable solutions customized to your unique specifications. There is no place for a cookie-cutter approach in the complex world of compliance.

We are focused on building a trusting work relationship with you whether we work with you short-term or over the longer haul.

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