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The 2021 Medicare FFS Improper Payment Report

The 2021 Medicare FFS Improper Payment Report December 15, 2021
The 2021 Medicare Fee-For-Service Improper Payments Report was released last week.  The report is a valuable resource for healthcare compliance professionals.  The findings highlight the services most frequently billed and paid in error, as well as, details the underlying causes of the errors.  This report provides an excellent roadmap for developing your internal compliance work plan for the upcoming year.

The most recent report breaks down over $25 Billion dollars in Medicare fee-for-service payment errors.  The findings are similar to prior years and show providers struggle with maintaining sufficient documentation to support payment for services and continue to have difficulty with proper E/M coding.  Some of the notable findings are as follows:
We recommend you review the report in its entirety to gain a better understanding of the number and types of errors identified that are applicable to your organization.  We also recommend you incorporate the findings of this report into your auditing and monitoring work plan for 2022.

The report is located at:

HBE’s team of experts is available to assist you with risk assessments, routine auditing and monitoring, policy and procedure development as well as customized education and training for your clinical and administrative staff.

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