More Delays?

The AMA has announced its support to delay ICD-10 indefinitely and wait for ICD-11.  The AMA is in full support of H.R. 2126 which would prohibit the implementation of ICD-10.  The upcoming AMA president, Dr. Steve Sack, and Executive Vice President, James Madara, have both been vocal regarding support of the delay in recent days, stating implementation in October will cause excessive disruption to healthcare providers.  They want time to conduct studies and develop ways to mitigate the transition.

It appears the question is still on the table.  Will there be a delay in ICD-10 after all?    It is certainly possible that additional legislation will continue to be presented in an effort to delay implementation.   Whether any bills will be passed remains to be seen.

Be it ICD-10 or ICD-11, we believe preparation must continue.  We will continue to update as new information is released.

To view H.R. 2126, go to:

Our consultants are recognized industry experts for documentation, coding, and reimbursement.  We are available to assist providers in assuring that they are prepared for the transition on October 1, 2015.  We will work with you to conduct the necessary preparedness reviews, and provide customized education and training based on those findings to your clinical and coding staff, as well as, providing assistance in revising your practice management tools to help ensure that the transition to ICD-10 goes as smoothly as possible.

DISCLAIMER:  This post contains only summary information and highlights; it should be read in conjunction with the full article or document provided as a link.  Any advice or recommendations given is general and specific questions should be directed to professional counsel.

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